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Professional project management (PMP).

A training program that qualifies participants to become professional in project management and learn how to pass the PMP certification exam. It covers the five topics approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which are creating a high-performan


Description of the training program (training course)

Projects are the backbone of professional and personal life, and in order to excel and advance in the workplace, and in our projects and private businesses, we urgently need to learn this art.

We are pleased to contribute to spreading the culture of professional project management in accordance with the approach of the International Project Management Institute (PMI) by providing this training program, which is an introduction to professional project management (PMP). We offer this training program to project managers, project team members, general managers, and project supervisors. Projects, beneficiaries of projects, decision makers related to projects, consultants and everyone related to project management and everything related to it, and everyone whose work nature is related to management in general, and for engineers in various specializations, and everyone who wishes to develop and improve their capabilities, this distinguished course.

This training package works to provide a comprehensive cognitive vision of project management. This package is not limited to this presentation, but rather extends to applied experiences based on actual practices from our training, administrative and consulting experiences that we pass on to the participants in the training program.

We look forward to this training package being an introduction to a broader and in-depth dialogue that leads to the creation of interactive administrative climates that lead to a transformation in the administrative process as a whole, and in what is happening in the training room in particular, in its social framework in all its dimensions.


The general objective of the training program

Comprehensive knowledge coverage of all project management topics.

- Learn about the different methods for selecting projects.

- Learn how to establish projects.

- Practical practice of time and financial planning.

- Learn how to define project work and form work teams.

- Practical practice of project monitoring and control.

- Identifying the types of contracts and contracting mechanisms, supervising and receiving them.


Detailed objectives of the training program

To enumerate project management topics.

- Mention the different methods for selecting projects.

- To know how to establish projects.

- To enumerate the practical practice of time and financial planning.

- To determine the work of the project and form the work teams.

- To mention the practical practice of project monitoring and control.

- To enumerate the types of contracts, contracting mechanisms, supervision and receipt.

Course information

  • Course start date : 2023-04-22
  • Duration : 6
  • Hours: 35
  • Number of seats: 500
  • studying days : from الأحد to الخميس
  • Study time : 19:00 - 22:00
  • Training period: مسائي
  • training type:

Course trainers